Wednesday, September 3, 2008

These are for you, Deon!

These are for you, Deon! I found our webcam and got it to work *finally*. So here are some pictures of *the damage*.

Exhibit A:
This picture really says it all, but of course I took MORE pictures...

Exhibit B:
from behind
Exhibit C:
Side view
Exhibit D:

And then there is Hayden...
Super cute - but - well, I know it can happen, but this kid was sitting very still and she still managed to cut the top of his ear with the clippers. OUCH! He took it like a trooper. But he takes most injuries like a trooper. He's such a big boy!

1 comment:

Deon said...

OK, well, yea - as FUN as it was to see photos of you, I see your dilemma with the hair could go back and demand a rematch, or...when you go back in, demand someone more skilled? Choppy is popular, but yea, she must have had "issues". Hayden IS adorable, that is very true! Thanks for the photos!! °Ü°


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