Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Hospital Tour

So not too long after finding out that I've started dilating, we packed up the kids and met our friends the Pursell's at the hospital for our hospital tour appointment. I considered requesting a wheelchair so as not to induce any pre-term labor by walking all over the hospital. But then it just seemed silly.

FYI - touring the hospital and having all your questions answered DOES NOT MAKE YOU FEEL ANY LESS NERVOUS ABOUT HAVING A BABY. If anything I am more nervous and a little agitated. First, I have to tell you that having a baby at the Scottsdale Medical Center in Arizona will likely spoil you to the point of disappointment with every other hospital around. We were truly spoiled to have unlimited meal service 24 hours a day for me AND Michael. Amanda and Michael were both allowed to sleep over night with me and the baby -same room. Lactation consultants were scheduled to come to nearly every feeding or whenever I called. Baby Hayden had his first bath in the recovery room with me taking pictures. Yeah - it was s.w.e.e.t.

It bugs me that my baby Samantha will have her first bath in the nursery and that I can't be there. Michael can, but not me - the one who did all the pushin'? And it bugs me that I will likely have to wait 24 hours before seeing a lactation consultant. HELLO? I thought the first 12 hours were the most important! I have a proven track record of sucking at breastfeeding (no pun intended) and needing assistance and guidance for the first 24 hours. We've been directed to bring cash to pay for Michael's meals and anything else beyond the 3 meals a day for me. Visiting hours are 9am-9pm for everyone but Michael. This isn't so bad - we all need our rest.

But anyway...

I am excited to meet our little Samantha - and so is Amanda. She's really excited about all the little pink clothes and fun little girl accessories. She's been saying 'awwww mommy, isn't this just adorable?' and 'Samantha would look so cute in this!!'

Hayden and Michael are cool with waiting a while. Hayden has gotten especially clingy to me lately and I think he senses that his world is about to be turned upside-down. Poor Hayden won't be the baby anymore. As much as it saddens me, it really is fun to watch him growing into a little boy with a big personality of his own.

Whether we meet Samantha this week or next, it's sure to be an exciting day!


Beth and Steve said...

Good luck, Amy!

Karen said...

Put it in your birth plan that you want to give Samantha her first bath. Talk to your OB/GYN about it and even the pediatrician. You can request no bath (especially since the vernix is supposed to be good for baby's skin). She is afterall *your* baby.

Amy said...

Birth plan!? HAHA! My ob hasn't even asked me about it. But I'll take your suggestion. On the tour they showed us the nursery where they bath the babes. I totally want to be there for it, even if they have to wheel me in!


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