Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Being Sick

I am sick.

I can't stand being sick, but being prego and sicko and having this vein thing/alien growing out of the side of my leg is totally debilitating me. Add to that Hayden, AKA GREMLIN is up to his old tricks and has now caused the malfunctioning of the door locks on the kids bedroom and bathroom doors... which happen to be upstairs... far, far away from the comfort of my living room sofa. So I have been making a gazillion more trips up the stairs than I normally would to rescue him from the baby-eating dresser drawers, soap drawings on the bathroom floor that have trapped him in a *stand up, fall on butt* sequence, and the play make-up that belongs to his big sister.

Put up a gate you say? Oh please, do I really need to re-educate you all about the advanced mechanical and just plain brute force skills of my 18 month old Weapon of Mass Destruction? In great desperation I did attempt to put up a gate. 5 minutes later after much banging and wailing the gate came tumbling down the stairs in 2 pieces.

But alas, all this whining and griping will soon be over, for my knight in shining armor will come home in less than 4 hours and install new locks on the doors. I know he will do this without a complaint because he is completely aware that it is all his fault. Hayden got his advanced dexterity and mischievousness from his father - and his father, I am certain, received the "mothers' curse" that all naughty children receive at times of critical frustration. You know the one. "I hope you have a son as naughty and yadda yadda yadda as you!"

I will try to find something to be grateful for today... Okay. I am SUPER grateful to have my friend Carlee for a babysitter. My kids love her - probably more than they love me at the moment - and she loves my kids... And I am grateful the have the gospel in our lives. And I think it's very sad when wolves in sheep clothing use tricker and lies to *teach* people about Jesus Christ and how to be saved (according to the word of the Wolf). It's just wrong in so many ways and if I wasn't hired as the photographer at the wedding where said Wolf went off on a 45 minute sermon/born again revival extravaganza, I might have confronted this quack with a few choice words of my own - but I was STARVING and tired and working my way back towards being a quiet, tolerant person... and I REALLY, REALLY needed chocolate.

(...sorry for the rant)

So like I said, I am grateful for the gospel and for knowing the truth... and chocolate.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I know. It's been forever. And there are none of Amanda. She's going through a stage that I will lovingly refer to as "the grungy, fake smile, Hannah Montana poser stage"... and no I am not referring to the Annie Liebowitz photo session for Vanity Fair. YIKES!

But anyway, back to the pictures!

This would be Hayden and his first rice krispy treat. Yummy! Couldn't ya just eat him up?

Hayden - after the clean up, before the haircut...

Hayden @ 18 mos. of age. What a handsome little cookie-faced guy!
He's such a sweetie pie. He loves to give you full-on-lips smoochies and tickle your belly.
He plays so well with his sister.
It's really amazing how well they get along.
He says Thank you, uh-ohhh!, uh-uh (as in NO),
Amanda, Dad-deeeee!, and *sometimes* Momma.
He has a special way of saying shoes that comes out sounding like a
bad word, but we all get it.
He can fall asleep almost ANYWHERE just like his mommy.
He's just starting to learn to jump and has skinned his little knees quite a bit lately.
He's growing up so fast!

It's a...

Girl - or so the ultrasound tech says. From the crappy (yes I said C*R*A*P*P*Y) ultrasound pictures we got I am not totally convinced that we aren't having a faceless alien, let alone 100% confident of the sex of the baby. But for now, we will say

It's a GIRL!

((Sarcasm Alert...)
Too bad all of Amanda's baby clothes were sold for .25 a piece at a yard sale 2 years ago and the rest went to Goodwill. Oh how sad I am to have to shop for new, cute little girlie things and plan the wedding of yet another girl.

On an even crappier note, I was prescribed to wear compression hose due to my horrible genetically passed down issue with varicose veins. To add insult to injury, our insurance won't pay one cent of the cost of these $95 pantyhose. Do we have that kind of money laying around? I don't think so. I searched the www and found them for $55 with shipping, but still. That's a big wad-o-cash to wear on your legs while your toddler is in his pinching and climbing mommy like a jungle gym phase.

Still I don't know. 60 bucks or eternally ugly legs? I may never be able to wear a swimsuit in public again. Is it worth it?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

It's a busy week for me and it has started off great so far! Yesterday I used my "Mother's Day Cash Allowance" from my hubby to buy some *sweet* well needed maternity clothes. I went with my friend Carlee and she found a few things for herself as well!

Today I get to go to a TOP SECRET viewing/presentation of something new that will be at a local amusement park sometime next year. Why am I being so vague? Because in less than 6 hours I will be handing over a signed agreement to not disclose one iota of information about what I see or learn or hear at said presentation other than what can be obtained by going to THIS site.

Attn: NSA
If I am successful at keeping this secret you may feel free to recruit me!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my birthday. I will be old. Not too old to birth a baby. Just old.

Thursday I have an evening Primary Presidency Meeting. I may try to squeeze in a trip to IKEA during the day, but that depends on how wild Wednesday is.

Friday - It's Family Movie Night/Basket Bonanza at Amanda's school. I bought tickets. Now I must go.

Saturday - Amanda has a birthday party to go to. I am hoping to shop for a present in the morning and turn Amanda over to her daddy for the party. I have no desire to go to a putt-putt at 2:30 in this heat with a 18 month old and an 18 week old pregnancy.

Sunday - Amanda is giving a talk in Primary and it's Mother's Day. Better make it a good one!

That's it for now!


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