Monday, September 12, 2011

12 of 12 September

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I've blogged. I guess having two in school and one at home is keeping me busy enough... :) My goodness, I haven't even posted first day of school photos. What a bad mommy blogger I am.

Anywho - on to the main attraction: I present to you September 12th, 2011.

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I started off the day as usual, kissing Amanda goodbye, then Michael and then debating whether to drag my buttocks out of bed right then, or in another 5 minutes. (A morning person I am not). The littles had their own plans so I was not to have my extra 5 minutes. Breakfast, shower, everyone dressed and out the door to take Hayden to Pre-K. And that is when I remembered the date... but not my camera. I dropped off Hayden and got in the van only to get a phone call from the school nurse at Amanda's school.

1. Her throat didn't look any redder than it does in this black and white photo.
2. And she felt well enough to play a game of "oh my toes" (or whatever it's called).
3. The music we've been listening to in the van.
4. The "sick" child watching tv ever so quietly...ehhem.
5. On our way out again to pick Hayden up from school.
6. M is for Mouse! or Emers the Mouse as Amanda misheard me say.
7. Awww, they love each other! Sharing the love, sharing the germs. yay!
8. First signs of Florida Love Bug arrival... yuckers.
9. My lunch. Chicken nuggets and toast with blueberry jam - I know, sooo nutritious! If you look closely you'll see that one of my nuggets has a wing. or a nose.
10. Off to the library to pick up a book that's been on the hold list for at least 3 weeks.
11. Finally! The Help is in my hands,
12. Hubby came home early today 'cause he's sick. No really. He's gonna cough up a lung soon. Not like the other "sick" child in the house.


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