Monday, July 21, 2008

100 random things

Beth tagged me for the 100 random things challenge and boy, did she do this in the knick of time. My last post stands as evidence of my summer boredom/cabin fever/lack of creative thought. Hopefully by the time I get to, say, #98 there will have been at least one interesting tidbit noted...

1. I watch way too much tv.

2. I met my husband in college - but it wasn't BYU - I KNOW - totally unheard of!

3. My favorite cookies in the whole wide world are Berger's Cookies - but they are a rare treat.

4. Folding laundry and putting it away is my least favorite chore.

5. I have expensive taste, but never buy the expensive stuff. I am a spend thrift.

6. For Mother's Day my hubby gave me a gift certificate to a spa so I could go get my nails done. I still haven't gone because I won't go alone.

7. I will eat off my kids plates if they don't finish. Many find this gross. Tough.

8. All of our kids have been/will be born in a different state.

9. None of the states my kids are born in are in the same region of the U.S.

10. I was in a major (to me) car accident when I was 8 months pregnant with Hayden.

11. I gave away most of our food storage when we moved from Arizona to Florida. I'm struggling to build it back up even though I have more space to store it in.

12. I used to have my own photography business.

13. I traveled to Florence Italy twice while I was in college.

14. If I could change 3 things about the house we are renting they would be: A. it would have a fenced in backyard B. It would be a 2 story, not 3, C. it would have one more bedroom.

15. I've never had lower wisdom teeth. I'm either highly evolved or lacking wisdom.

16. I spend a lot of time reading the blogs of people I don't know.

17. The older I get, the more rebellious I get.

18. White walls in a home depresses me.

19. As soon as we finish painting the living room of any place we live, we end up moving.

20. My walls are white because Michael and I are tired of wasting money on paint, only to be able to enjoy it for a few months.

21. Dominoes is the only game our whole family can enjoy playing together.

22. I wish I was a more patient mother.

23. Chocolate is considered a necessity in our home.

24. I hate to scrapbook, but would love to have nice albums for my kids.

25. I have more than 3000 pictures of Amanda on dvds.

26. I loathe giving talks in church.

27. I could talk for hours with someone who would rather be pulling weeds in 115 degree weather and not realize it until it's too late. I think that's why a lot of my friends husbands don't like me very much.

28. I drove with a friend from Colorado to Maryland and got stuck in Wheeling, WV for 3 days in a blizzard. Prior to getting stuck at the motor inn, I got the only speeding ticket I've ever gotten - in Ohio... because I was trying to beat the storm.

29. We're not friends anymore. I kinda went postal on that trip when I couldn't see anything out my window and my wipers got iced to the windshield. It was the beginning of the end of our friendship. Can't say that I blame her - at all. I totally went psycho.

30. I miss Arizona. It really is a "FREE STATE".

31. I don't think I am ever going to make it to 100. Really.I am sooo boring.

32. I wish that Florida had Jamba Juice.

33. I am craving a Jamba Juice smoothie like you wouldn't believe.

34. Smoothie King just doesn't cut it. They're just so... ghetto.

35. I've always wanted to quilt a baby blanket but have never finished any quilt I have started.

36. We waited a year and 3 months to get married so we could get hitched in the Washington D.C. Temple in June. Yes, it was hot. But totally worth the wait!

37. I am jealous of my husbands girlfriend - Ms. X - Box.

38. I got curious about whether or not Jamba Juice had any locations in Florida and found out that they do in fact have them - in South Florida.

39. Michael and I have talked about opening our own Jamba Juice business in the town center near our house. But we're too chicken.

40. I chew my tongue when I am deep in thought or painting or drawing... I haven't done it in a while though.

41. I can be a little bit nosy sometimes. I'm working on it.

42. My first kiss happened when I was 17.

43. I dated a 'boy' with the same last name as me.

44. I was a CLOTHED model for a drawing class in college.

45. I shared a 2 bedroom apartment in Baltimore, MD with 999 other roommates. 998 of them were roaches that tap-danced me to sleep every night.

46. I live approx. 200 ft. away from our grocery store.

47. I don't have a middle name. Well I do now, but it's my maiden name.

48. I still have my tooth-fairy pillow from when I was a kid - now Amanda uses it.

49. I've considered dyeing my hair brown several times, but I've never actually gone through with it.

50. I still have the pee-stick from when I found out I was pregnant with Amanda. I know - SO GROSS.

51. I wish my sisters and I lived closer together so our kids could play together.

52. I make a mean snowcone.

53. When my kids are grown, I'd like to take an Alaskan Cruise.

54. I hate to vacuum stairs - especially now that I am 7 month prego. So I don't. I have two flights of stairs that have not been vacuumed more than 3 times since we moved here in January. First of all my vacuum is too heavy and wide. If they made a nice, inexpensive, hand held vacuum with awesome suction I would vacuum my stairs twice a week. Until then...

55. I've never attended my class reunions. I think there has only ever been one that actually happened. Another was canceled, and what would have been my 15th was never planned as far as I know. I attended my husbands 10 year reunion.

56. I enjoy going to Girls Camp. I know, I'm weird.

57. My favorite Olympic sport to watch is gymnastics.

58. The first concert I ever attended was a Beach Boys concert...with my sister and my parents. We won the tickets on the radio.

59. I have a skin allergy to latex.

60. The Pill makes me a person I don't want to be around, the rhythm method -Hahahaha! And so I am pregnant.

59. I still sleep with my blue blanket that my grandma made me.

60. My first real job was working concessions at the movie theatre.

61. My second job was at TJMaxx.

62. I slept overnight on the concrete floor in the Art Building at UMBC on more than 4 occasions.

63. I once climbed through a window of the same building to finish a painting and to sleep.

64. I can fall asleep just about anywhere during just about anything, just about anytime - without warning.

65. I once woke up to the blaring horn of a tractor trailer coming straight at me. I didn't see my life flash before my eyes.

66. I love Mexican food in Arizona and hate Chinese food in Arizona. I love Chinese food in Florida and can't find real Mexican food in Florida.

67. I love to mix orange juice and ginger ale. It's super yummy and refreshing, especially right after you have a baby.

68. I didn't have a properly cooked steak until I was 18 years old. I thought steak was icky for the longest time.

69. I sleep on the right side of the bed... except when the bedroom door is on the right.

70. I have broken my nose 3 times. The first time was at an outdoor concert in D.C. --I had no business being in the mosh pit/crowd surfing zone. The second time was not too long after when I was doing something else I had no business doing - pitching softball in YSA. The third time I broke my nose was when I was in a car accident. My hand came between the airbag and my face, and well, it wasn't very pretty.

71. I am bored of the meals that I cook around here. I need new recipes. Like the recipe for fat-free, low calorie, but totally delicious Shrimp Scampi. Yeah... and the $$ in the budget to match...

72. My daughter's very first babysitter ever was an NFL football player.

73. I hate most pictures of myself.

74. I REALLY am the meanest mommy ever.

75. I miss after-school specials. Why don't they have them anymore?

76. This is really hard... 100 things about me? I'm not old enough to have that many random things to list...

That's it. I'm changing this up. Now, all of you out there that read this (I know there are a bunch of lurkers/blogstalkers out there...) I want YOU to comment with at least ONE random thing you know about me that I have not already listed. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest will get a "special" prize.

Did you know?

Did you know that the typical gestational period for a lion is about 108 days, which is 15-16 weeks, or nearly 4 months?

Elephants? 23 months. YIKES!
Cats? 63 days
Horse? 11 months
Pig? 113 days
Mouse? 19 to 21 days.

Now go quiz your kids.

Prepaid births, Loss of DVR, Walk it Out Teletubbies!


So Michael and I have been working out ways to save some moola since we are like, TOTALLY broke now. Let's just say that the whole 'pre-paying for the baby that you are going to give birth to' insurance/ob scam is totally kicking us in the behind, ie. wallet.

So we cut costs on our cellphone plan and have decided to go to Basic Cable - which in reality translates to no cable. It saddens us to know that we will no longer be able to pause live tv or record our favorite shows for later viewing.

But on the upside, I've discovered several blogs that will entertain me like no cable show ever did. It's funny. I don't know these people. I might know one of their friends or relatives... or be acquainted with one of their other blog-stalkers...but I digress. The point is, I am better edified, engrossed in or more often than not, rolling on the floor laughing at some of these blogs than I am watching Shear Genius, Deadliest Catch, Jon & Kate Plus 8... okay - now THAT is one show I am going to mourn not being about to watch. (Maybe I AM a stalker?)

Anyway - I must share my latest find of funny.

I was directed to this post from another blog that I read regularly. I haven't read anything else from this blogger, but it's now on my list. Make sure you watch the video at the end. It reminded me of a ward talent show I attended in Laveen, AZ. I could totally see Kelly Johnson's Dance studio moms doing this. It cracked me up. The teletubbies version was a close second.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tooth Fairy is goin' broke

Let me tell you, it's ALL ABOUT TEETH in our house lately. Hayden has been teething badly for over a week (not fun) and based on what the boy lets me see when I try to pry his mouth open he's got about 4-5 sharp-as-shark-teeth coming in at the same time. Poor boy. Poor mommy and daddy and sisters' ears.

But on to the main event. Amanda has lost 2 teeth in 3 days time. That's become her pattern. She usually loses teeth two at a time. But now - that mouth. YIKES! She kinda looks like a hockey player pre-dentures. It's cute, 'cause she's my kid. But if ever there will be an awkward stage of her life, this is it. Good thing she's got 150% self-esteem and 200% attitude... that ought to get her through it... that and the buck a tooth payout she's getting from the "tooth fairy".

{please excuse the picture - Amanda really didn't want her picture taken
- she claimed that it *hurts to smile* phfftt....whatever.}

Friday, July 11, 2008

Reason #208 & #209

Click here for reason
and #209
I am sooooo glad I am
Happily Married and



Jonathan and Amanda had a great time at the park! Dang - ain't he a cutie?

Yummy Hayden...

Sweet Amanda!

The community pool FINALLY opened and boy were these kids happy!

Amanda helped her Uncle Eric catch and release this HUGE fish at Poppy George's house.

Uncle Eric gives Amanda some pointers on casting.

Michael caught a gecko but wasn't too successful at the "releasing" part. Ouch!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Fun

I've been pretty good about blogging about my ailments and all, but I totally left out some of the really good stuff. Like good friends who took us to Animal Kingdom a few weeks back...

Animal Kingdom

Thank you Moghimi family!

Amanda had a blast with the Pursell's and Gardener's at Red Hot and Boom! And then on July 4th we crashed a family Independence Day party and got to swim, gab and eat like there was no tomorrow. We also got to see the Disney fireworks from the sand pits of a golf course! Later the kids all got to light up their own legal fireworks and sparklers. It was super fun!


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