Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I did it.... sort of

Well, Hayden got his haircut and looks super cute. Then I got my haircut and well, I don't HATE it - but only because I know that it can be fixed. I think the hairstylist either got hungry or bored with me and didn't really blend the front and back well. I honestly don't recall her touching the front of my head with scissors at all. It's a bit choppy to say the least. I'm gonna stop by later today and see if someone can fix it. At least she didn't cut too much off.


Deon said...

PHOTO???? where is the photo??

Amy said...

uhh photos? Not till I get it fixed. Seriously. It's like I didn't get my hair cut in the front. Besides - my camera is downstairs and I'm too lazy and tired to go get it.

Soon though. Soon!


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