Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Money Pit

Yes, you guessed it, our new house has become the mother of all money pits.

Okay I am exaggerated just a bit, but need I remind you that a person can drown in a pit of just 2 inches. And drown we just might! We're not exactly swimming in moola.

Our "pit" began with a VERY moldy bathroom that had to be gutted to the core...studs and mushy concrete and all. Dishwasher could use a little tlc, mice needed to be evicted, and roaches have been given a good talkin' to. The A/C has a mind of it's own - though we suspect it has more to do with a faulty thermostat. The 5 gallon paint container was cracked and subsequently left a trail of paint from the garage to the carpet of our bedroom. (Yea...memories!)

On the upside, Hayden's room is 1/2 painted and the pool water is totally refreshing on a hot summer day.

Michael says I need to bring in some income. Looks like Amy Lee Gove Photography will be back in business soon!


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