Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

It's a busy week for me and it has started off great so far! Yesterday I used my "Mother's Day Cash Allowance" from my hubby to buy some *sweet* well needed maternity clothes. I went with my friend Carlee and she found a few things for herself as well!

Today I get to go to a TOP SECRET viewing/presentation of something new that will be at a local amusement park sometime next year. Why am I being so vague? Because in less than 6 hours I will be handing over a signed agreement to not disclose one iota of information about what I see or learn or hear at said presentation other than what can be obtained by going to THIS site.

Attn: NSA
If I am successful at keeping this secret you may feel free to recruit me!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my birthday. I will be old. Not too old to birth a baby. Just old.

Thursday I have an evening Primary Presidency Meeting. I may try to squeeze in a trip to IKEA during the day, but that depends on how wild Wednesday is.

Friday - It's Family Movie Night/Basket Bonanza at Amanda's school. I bought tickets. Now I must go.

Saturday - Amanda has a birthday party to go to. I am hoping to shop for a present in the morning and turn Amanda over to her daddy for the party. I have no desire to go to a putt-putt at 2:30 in this heat with a 18 month old and an 18 week old pregnancy.

Sunday - Amanda is giving a talk in Primary and it's Mother's Day. Better make it a good one!

That's it for now!


Carlee said...

Better not go to Ikea without me!!!

Deon said...

Happy BDAY tomorrow, Am'! Just remember - I will always be WAY older!

Carlee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!! Hope you have a great day today!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! Did you get the present I sent you?


Amy said...

Thanks everyone!

Wendy - it's not here yet, but I'll let you know when it gets here!

Carlee said...

Happy 19 weeks Baby Gove! Look Amy your baby has to curl up now because he/she is so tall!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday. Old is great...


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