Saturday, May 17, 2008


I know. It's been forever. And there are none of Amanda. She's going through a stage that I will lovingly refer to as "the grungy, fake smile, Hannah Montana poser stage"... and no I am not referring to the Annie Liebowitz photo session for Vanity Fair. YIKES!

But anyway, back to the pictures!

This would be Hayden and his first rice krispy treat. Yummy! Couldn't ya just eat him up?

Hayden - after the clean up, before the haircut...

Hayden @ 18 mos. of age. What a handsome little cookie-faced guy!
He's such a sweetie pie. He loves to give you full-on-lips smoochies and tickle your belly.
He plays so well with his sister.
It's really amazing how well they get along.
He says Thank you, uh-ohhh!, uh-uh (as in NO),
Amanda, Dad-deeeee!, and *sometimes* Momma.
He has a special way of saying shoes that comes out sounding like a
bad word, but we all get it.
He can fall asleep almost ANYWHERE just like his mommy.
He's just starting to learn to jump and has skinned his little knees quite a bit lately.
He's growing up so fast!

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Becky said...

I can't get over how adorable Hayden is! Precious. By the way. is the new website addy.


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