Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So after talking to the banks lawyer, we can take a small breath and relax just a little. It seems that they haven't served our landlord her summons because -get this - they can't find her. So, until they actually find her and serve her papers they can't really do anything. But how long can that go on?

Even so, the lawyer said that even if they were to find her today, they wouldn't be able to get a court date till like January and wouldn't be able to evict us till March. So as long as everything the lawyer said is true, then we can relax and enjoy the holidays, whilst keeping a lookout for other places to live.

Amanda is begging to be in a two story townhouse or house. She just may get her wish.


Becky said...

So does that mean you can stop paying rent?! ;)

Amy said...



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