Friday, November 2, 2007

I need a haircut

I got my hair cut about 4 weeks ago and have hated it ever since. It's horrible. I mean, I went so far as to check the BBB to see if anyone else had complained. I have considered sneaking a peek at the "license" said hairstylist had posted by his station to see if it's brand new or just plain fake. But that's kinda hard to do with a 1 year old boy in tow. I really miss my hair stylist back in Arizona. I know you all are thinking, "Ohhh, Amy has a favorite hair stylist - how fancy sha-mansey of her". But oh no, I'm talking about Kathy - at Great Clips. Which is why I thought I would be safe going to a Great Clips here in Florida. Uhh. No.

So now I am looking at the more expensive places and HELLO? Since when did it cost $100 for highlights? I'll go get my $12 bottle of sunshine at Walgreens, thank you very much! I want a real haircut, but I am sooo scared to go anywhere now. Seriously, how hard is it to cut a layered bob? I get home and there is not a layer in sight. I look like a boy with a long bowl cut.

And no, there will be no pictures - it's THAT embarrassing.

On a similar subject, I've never had my brows done, and I want to, but I'm scared. Any tips, suggestions, things I should avoid? Anyone ever do that thing with the string where they pull each hair out?

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