Monday, November 19, 2007

Just when I thought things were going well...

Our household woke this morning at 7am to the sound of our doorbell ringing. Apparently the person we've been writing our rent checks out to since July has been served foreclosure papers and it's quite likely that we will be kicked out of our home in 20 days. We'll lose our deposit. I *just* painted our living room last week and started decorating a little to make this place more home-like. We've powerwashed the exterior, trimmed the bushes and trees nicely and FOR WHAT? She hasn't made a mortgage payment since June - before me moved in!

All this and it's my husbands birthday - Happy birthday to him! We didn't get to do any of our traditional fun stuff that we do for birthdays because we were too busy freaking out.

I'm so mad! What a waste of time and money! I thought we'd be here for another 2 years!


1 comment:

Becky said...

I heard about this from Dad. That totally sucks. I'm sorry. I hope things get better soon. Will you please tell Michael that Mike and I wish him a Happy Birthday? I love you!!


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