Monday, March 14, 2011

12 of 12 Challenge

1. Saturday morning tradition
2. Yard work
3. Keeping the little ones occupied during yard work
4. Picking Amanda up from a sleepover
5. Slurpee break
6. Someone must have stayed up mighty late at that sleepover (wink, wink)
7. My honey playing Civilization
8. We had camera shy friends over for dinner/games - this is what was left of Sammy's haystacks
9. Green cherries? who knew - great alternative for our red dye 40 sensitive boy though
10. One of the games we played
11. Where's Sammy? I see toes!
12. What was left at the end of the night of our super-sticky, 7-layer, gluten-free bars.

I'm linking up with a different Amy G  HERE

Post edit:
There really should be a pre-#1 picture of the first thing I did on the 12th, but I totally spaced about the challenge and didn't bring my camera. I spent an hour of the morning having breakfast with a friend... if I had taken a picture, it would've looked like this....Me: in a bright green oscar the grouch sweatshirt, Cathy in full on Grumpy attire, and the ever so pretty princess Garla, late to the ball we were having at Einsteins. :) It was a good day!


Sara Lyn said...

Fun day!!

Amy G. said...

It really was - especially the beginning and the end of the day! Don't know how much longer I can stand to wait for another game night!

allison:) said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for turning me onto this! Yet ANOTHER thing I now want to do!!! :)

amy gretchen said...

Think I need that recipe for the bars.
Must be nice to be back out in the yard again.

Amy G. said...

@ allison: I already dropped out of a couple of Flickr groups because I just couldn't keep up with it after a while. I like the 12 of 12 because I don't feel like every single image has to be print worthy. It's less stressful and more real for me.

@ amy gretchen: It's super sticky and super sweet, but I'll post it to my blog with some suggested modifications :)


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