Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Didn't Break Me!

Best Spring Break EVER. 
My honey took off work for all of it plus one day... SWEET!

We begged Amanda to play hooky from school on Thursday so we could get a head start on all the festivities. And then we begged friends of ours to take their 4 boys out of school that day too and join us in our insubordinate behavior. gasp. I'm pretty sure that less than a millisecond lapsed between the begging and the agreeing to our absurd idea.

days 1-3:
Camping as a whole family for the first time ever. We arrived at Kelly Park a day before spring break started and thank goodness. The place got c.r.o.w.d.e.d. on the afternoon of day two.
The Casablanca kids and the Gove kids got along wonderfully. They kept disappearing together but we always knew where they were... I'll let you know how later on in this post.

We spent the first day setting up camp and then went for a walk to check out the spring. We didn't think it would be warm enough to swim in yet apparently we were wrong. After much begging by the children we agreed to come back the next day (at the warmest time of the day) and let them test out the waters.

All hands on deck! It took a village to set up this tent!
They all wanted to jump in SO BAD!

The only thing that would lure the kids away from the spring was the promise of time at the playground...

But the kids weren't the only one's having fun! Go Jocelyn!

Samantha spent most of camp with her shoes off. Most heard phrase at camp: "Sammy-Sue! Where's Your SHOES!??!?!"

That's one happy camper!

Daddy and Sammy hanging out together

On day two another family joined us for the afternoon.
We went on a hike around and through the park
and ended up at the spring again. 

Jocelyn insisted on carrying Samantha on her back.
I wasn't going to protest too much about that.

The woman works out all the time. I sit on my butt all day
(or so my figure would suggest, lol).

About midway through the hike Sammy was OUT.
I can't imagine why... what with all her late night partying and hourly
waking up screaming fits... sigh.

Amanda had a hard time with bug bites - we found out the hard way that she is allergic or at least very sensitive to bug sprays with Deet. We had to give her Benedryl which made her pretty tired. She still has a bazillion bite marks all over her legs and arms, poor girl!

Dang, this is turning into a long post! And I haven't even told you about the cool project we put together for the kids that had unexpected results! I guess I'll have to save it for my next post! :)

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Sara Lyn said...

Looks like so much fun! I love Kelly Park.


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