Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yea for consignment shops!
The one I went to recently had a
"fill a bag for $10" sale
and boy did Amanda score some rockin' outfits! She's been a bit neglected in the clothing category lately. Her jeans are all too short and have holes in the knees. And she really needed some long sleeved shirts.


She's already gotten many complements on this sweet shirt.
Amanda threw all the outfits together on her own.
I just handed her the bag-o-bargains.

This twirly skirt was most definitely her absolute fav.

Amanda got tired of changing clothes, and a few of the shirts I got her were too big.
I was able to get her 10 shirts, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of jeans and 2 cargo pants - all in like new condition - for 10 bucks! I've never gotten such a great deal on kids clothes in great condition!


JIll said...

I love 2nd hand stores! I do the same thing! Awesome deals, so cute :)

Amy said...

Yippee! Jill and Joann, you just saved my blog. I was almost ready to "let it go". RAWLEE lives on!

Kathy Spann said...

That was a great deal!

Carlee said...

Gotta love a great deal! You got some good items, I bet Amanda was so happy. I'm going to miss that little consignment shop when we move.


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