Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess who broke all the rules today?

Click the picture to enlarge...

of course it fell into the playroom
amongst all the toys, puzzle pieces, etc.
and of course I was just beginning to nurse Samantha when it happened.
fortunately no one was hurt.


Kendra said...

OK. This made me laugh out loud (for real) and wake up my baby. So funny! Did he (I'm assuming) realize what he was breaking? Is it a statement of rebellion? Have fun with that!

Moghimi Family said...

Just one of those days, eh? I love this. I'm glad you posted it. Thanks.

I have to say, I'm impressed that you even have (had) the family rules framed. Way to go!

Amy said...

JoAnn -Oh, you know... I had an extra frame, saw something like it at a friends house - TOTALLY copied their idea and then we made our own rules.

Anonymous said...

Love the play on words in your title.


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