Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why I Love My Little Family

I can't imagine what my life would be like if I didn't have my Honey Bunches of Frick'in Oats, my Chicken Butt, and my Little Gremlin (formerly known as Little Man and WMD).

I love HBFO because he still thinks he's like, 19. He loves hiking and nature and football and shares all of this with his kids. I love that even when he's exhausted from work he will still give me a nice back rub before bedtime no matter what. I love that he eats my weird dinners all gone, even when they suck. I love how sweet and patient he becomes with our Little Gremlin right when I am about to lose mine. I love that he loves his job and wants to share his day with me. I love him even though the man can drop 13 lbs. in 3 days just by getting sick. - That's just not fair.

I love my CB because she is the sweetest big sister her little brother could ever ask for. Every once in a while she'll just say out of the blue, "Mom? I'm so lucky to have a little brother. Hayden is so sweet...I love him!" It just melts my heart. I hope they stay this close as they grow up. I love that she is nice to everyone, especially the underdogs. She's the best friend anyone could have. I love her artwork and creativity. Give the girl a box full of art supplies and she's the happiest girl in town! I love CB because she doesn't care what others think about her. She dances like no one is watching - ALL THE TIME. She is brave and smart and drop dead gorgeous. I can say that - I'm her mother.

I love my LG more than I ever thought a person could love someone. He is a total cuddle worm and I love it - except when I've got to go pee and he's clinging onto my leg. He doesn't just smile for anyone but when that boy smiles, it brightens up a whole city block! He saves his biggest, brightest smiles for when daddy walks in the door. This makes daddy so happy, so it makes me happy too! I love him because he was an answer to my prayers. I love that when he sleeps with us I wake to him staring at me and making little puffing sounds, as opposed to the face slaps and nose pulls of the past. I love that he already knows the value of the remote control and seeks possession of it all times. He is my sweet, curious, little weapon of mass destruction, recently promoted to gremlin and I am smitten.

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Kristy said...

Great post! I love it all!


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