Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today I am...

1. Letting my two youngest play in the backyard alone and get as dirty as they like.
2. Watching the Sunday Session of General Conference.
3. Going to find a bug guy to take care the little pests that have taken up residency in our home.
4. Work on Halloween Carnival posters.
5. Start picking pictures for Hayden's 4th Birthday video.
6. Wait patiently for a couple of packages to arrive, though they aren't expected until at least tomorrow.
7. Try to sneak in a nap sometime.
8. Totally freak my kids out by kissing each of them at least 30 times today.
9. Fold laundry (yawn.)
10. Clean whatever room I happen to be in at 11am.


Sara Lyn said...

What a great day! Hope it goes well.

Amy G. said...

Okay so 1-5 done. 6 is in progress, 7 ain't gonna happen because of what happened during 10. And I'm canceling #9.

And what happened during 10? Samantha went exploring in our room and found icy hot and got it in her eyes and mouth. Had a nice talk with Poison Control. Showered for 15 minutes with Samantha... and now my room smells like a men' locker room.

As far as #8? Samantha's quota has been filled. :)

Sara Lyn said...

Wow. What a day! Glad Samantha got her kisses in. :)


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