Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tonight at the dinner table...

an intense conversation about Spiderman and Superman and Batman.

and then out of nowhere in the middle of singing the Spiderman song,

Hayden says, "mommy, mommy, wait...stop singing! I gotta tell you some-ting!"

"Spiderman doesn't got any boobies!"

me: "No?"

"Nope - he don't got none... and Superman? No boobies!
and Batman? Batman has boobies! {intense head bobbing}

me: really? Batman has boobies?

"No. Batman no have boobies... I just kiddin'."

I love this kid.


Deon said...

I can't stop laughing....!!

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

as I said on facebook.. the outfit he wears kind of makes it look like he does though, so even if he wasn't kidding.. and this is funny for the fact that he is almost calling batman out.. hehe


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