Friday, March 5, 2010

All about Amanda.

I have to say, pictures of Amanda are few and far between lately. The girl has quite a social calendar, what with church activities, fake dates with her bff M. and lets not forget all the time she spends at school.

We hardly ever see her and when we do, she's doing homework or reading or playing some elaborate pretend-play with her dolls. She also enjoys playing teacher to Hayden and Samantha. She even gives them homework assignments.

She loves her brother and sister. There are times when they really annoy her and she just need to get away from them, but 2 minutes later she comes back and is hugging them and telling them that she loves them.

{i love this picture of my girls!}

Lately she has been preparing for the FCAT's (don't get me started...) or shall I say, stressing out about the test that could make her repeat 3rd grade if she doesn't pass. She has had some anxiety attacks and a trip to the doctor to try and work stuff out. This is a tough age and I know I am making tons of mistakes. sigh...

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