Thursday, March 18, 2010

The cable guy vs. The doctor

The cable guy wins... last time we had a problem with our cable box he was sitting out in his van 5 minutes before 9... he was scheduled to be here between 9 and 12. He waited there until it was exactly 9am. No joke. He was in my house a total of 15 minutes and in that time diagnosed the problem, removed the box, replaced it and set it up, and then verified that I was happy with the results (which I was). Then he asked if there were any other issues with the service... anything at all... 'cause he wanted to leave my house with a customer that was 100% satisfied. WOW. Not your stereotypical cable guy.

It's been 6 days since Michael had his MRI and nada, nothin', sorry we haven't received the report yet... grrrr! - People are eating weird foods, gaining ridiculous amounts of weight, NOT SLEEPING WELL and cleaning corners of the house that haven't been touched since we moved in. And I'm back to my old Farmville addiction too. Seriously, it's that bad.

answers, we want answers... so we'll know how much money we need to raise at the charity carwash to pay the hospital bill. Only my AZ buddies will get this ;)


Karen said...

Are you saying they don't have charity car washes in Florida? How do people get their cars cleaned? Crazy.

Amy G. said...

not on every other corner like it is in Phoenix! LOL! ;)

(and I've yet to see in Florida a car wash to pay the funeral expenses of a loved one, or to pay someone's bail to get out of jail... just sayin')


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