Sunday, September 6, 2009

Samantha @ 11.2 months

I'm so late taking and posting Samantha's 11 month picture. Between sickness and grumpy teething and grumpy mommy - it just hasn't been a good time. But anywho...

Here she is in all her cuteness! She's really just the sweetest baby a mommy could ask for. She has her moments, mind you, but for the most part she is super pleasant. She is beginning to stand on her own, cruise around the couch... she can even climb onto the couch! She has climbed half a flight of stairs to mommy's great surprise and nearly gave me a heart attack. You know that lump in the throat, cold chill feeling of "oh no, be soooo careful..eeeeeekkkkk...don't startle her but...GO GET HER BEFORE SHE FALLS! AHHHHHH!"

One of her favorite things to do is pull all the books that she can reach off of the bookcase. The kitchen drawers and cabinets are a close second. The girl knows how to make mischief, I tell ya!

She has 3, yes 3 teeth coming in all at the same time...her 2 top front teeth and one to the left. Needless to say, mommy is VERY eager to ween her! Samantha? Not so eager.

So that's all I've got... busy busy are we! Watch out for Samantha's one year video... a tradition in our family. I just know it's gonna be awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe our babies are almost a year old! They have a lot in common, however instead of pulling the books off the shelf, he likes to push all of Paul's back, which drives him crazy!!! Kaleb's favorite is definatly anything in the kitchen cabinets. Three bottom teeth and two on top. Climbing, yep he started that too, scary isn't it!


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