Monday, October 20, 2008

What about Amanda?

It has occurred to me that I haven't posted much about Amanda lately. She has unfortunately been overlooked in my posts as of late - I'm not sure why. Perhaps because she is in school all day and my interactions with her go a little like this.

Me: Amanda! Wake Up! It's 7:40! We woke up late, so hurry and get dressed and go eat breakfast.
...10 minutes later... what have you been doing? I said get dressed, go eat.

Amanda: I AM! I'm getting Hayden some milk!

Me: Oh. Well hurry up. Daddy's almost ready to take you to school. WAIT! Comb your hair... and brush your teeth... where are your socks?!?! You have P.E. today!!!

Amanda: Arghhhhh! Okay, okay!!

Me: You look beautiful. Get your backpack and your lunch... BYE!

7 hours later:

Me: get in, get in, people are waiting! How was your day?

Amanda: GREAT!

Me: Great!

at home...

Me: do your homework, put away the dishes and then you can play on the computer.

Amanda: can I play a game on the laptop?

Me: After you do your homework and put away the dishes.

Amanda: but I don't want to, can't I just play on the laptop first???


Amanda: (insert any number of excuses why it's just not fair)

then dinner, book and off to bed.

I went to parent teacher conference today and left walking on cloud 9. Amanda is doing awesome, she's no longer in the remedial reading group - it turns out that she was bored or uninterested in the easy stories they were testing her with at first. Her awesome teacher caught onto this and tested her on a more challenging level and she did great.

She's a straight A student and loves all of her teachers. I couldn't be happier about her new teacher and her new school. I know this the right school for her - a place where she can really grow.

Amanda's teacher had wonderful things to say about her. She admires Amanda's creativity in writing and her expressiveness in reading. She catches on quickly in Math and Science and really enjoys her Music class where they are learning to play the violin. Amanda has a beautiful singing voice and has shared her talent at the playground - she's quite popular among the 5th grade girls!

We are all so proud of her and can really see a difference in her attitude about school. She's a bright light of energy in our family and very helpful with Samantha and especially Hayden.

We all love her very much!

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Moghimi Family said...

Amanda is awesome. If I could add one more thing that I particularly appreciate about her; she is AMAZING at including the younger kids in playing. I know Addy LOVES when Amanda is anywhere we are. Amanda makes Addy feel like a 'big girl' and feel special. Amy, thanks for raising such a wonderful kid!


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