Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That innocent little face...

This morning was a wild one. Little Man Destruction woke up before the rest of us at some ungodly hour and quietly made his way downstairs - where he stood screaming bloody murder. I think he thought we'd all be down there to greet him and got freaked out by the dark silence. I went downstairs picked him and and he promptly fell asleep in my arms. I put him to bed.

Sometime around 6:30 this morning when Michael and I are usually *sort of* awake he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen. I heard him but didn't quite register the danger. Normally the baby gate is up and he can't get into the kitchen so I didn't see much harm or reason to run down the stairs. Not so this morning. We could hear him moving a chair to climb on the table and Amanda went running down the stairs to help. Hayden knew he was in trouble and decided to go for broke. He threw a glass that was on the table at Amanda! Glass shattered, Kids screamed, Mommy screamed and ran down the stairs in record time. Oh the drama! Oh the TERROR!

Fortunately the only injury was a small pin-sized cut on Amanda's foot.

I guess it's time for ANOTHER gate!

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Beth and Steve said...

Hey Amy--
Where did you print the pictures for soccer last year? We need to print some sports pictures and wanted to do something similar. Could you give me the website?



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