Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Bunnies and other creepy characters

Is it just me or does any one else find the ritual of dragging your kids through a long line at the mall to sit on the lap of some unknown man/woman dressed as the Easter Bunny JUST PLAIN WEIRD?

I find it a little disturbing...

The unmasked Easter Bunnies are oddly the most disturbing to me. It's all the makeup I suppose and the similarities to a clown ( I loathe clowns).

I also find it disturbing/sad that my daughter has a classmate who has never heard of or been to a church or other place of worship, yet visited the Easter Bunny and received the bounty of sugary sweets on Easter morning.

For the record, the Florida Gove's did not visit the Easter Bunny this year and sadly, there was no egg hunt on the agenda either. Small baskets of treats did appear Easter morning - much smaller than in years past. And other than missing her Aunt Lala's annual Easter egg hunt back in Arizona, Amanda seemed perfectly content. The primary has a wonderful lesson about the atonement and the resurrection that Amanda *sort* of listened to. But I am happy to say that though this years focus on the true meaning of Easter was a little blurry, the gimmicks and characters were greatly minimized. This should help set the stage for next year when the "Easter Basket" will be transformed into something more spiritually focused and less chocolate filled.


Deon said...

I'm with ya, Amy. I am proud to say my kids never sat on the Easter Bunny's lap - or at least I don't remember it if they did - ha ha! However, we did love the treats, etc - we actually had the Easter Bunny come on Saturday mornings, and had a little Easter Egg hunt as well. Then Sunday was focused on the Savior. You're a good mom! All will be well. Glad to see your post today - Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!


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