Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentines Day - UPDATED!

Just so you all don't think I fell off the face of the earth...

I've been wanting to post for a while but have waited so I could post some pictures of the BERGER COOKIES I got from my sweet honey bunches of oats for Valentines Day. Pictures taken - USB cord for camera MIA. So you're just gonna have to imagine the pure delight on my face whilst I bit into my favorite cookies of all time. Yummm...

Now not everyone can appreciate the cookie - some find it quite rich and sort of, well sloppy looking. That's fine. More for me!

My gift for Michael might seem sort of lame and more for me than him. I took him to get his wedding band resized since he hasn't been able to wear it for over 2 years. He's lost some weight now though and is looking a little too handsome. Some blonde chick was hitting on him at a convention and that pretty much did it for me.

Too bad he won't get it back until next week. : (

I've been pretty sick lately. Nausea, exhaustion, and my favorite - dizziness. This better be one cute little Gove baby!
See? He loves me, he REALLY REALLY LOVES ME!

1 comment:

Deon said...

Ahhh! Bless his heart! I keep forgetting to look for those cookies... Richard got wedding ring #3 for his birthday this year! Sigh... nobody hit on him that night. I guess his gray hair did him in. Sorry you are so sick - hang on!


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