Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Favorite Day the Week - Not!

Any mom of school age kids will relate with me on this one.

There are 3 things you can guarantee will happen on the day you woke up too late to take a shower:
1. You're hair will be greasy and/or totally unmanageable and dirty looking.

2. You will resort to wearing sweatpants with paint all over them and an old t-shirt from your high school days.

3. You will arrive at school just late enough to have to go into the school and sign in your kid out in above mentioned state.

Add pregnancy ick and that pretty much described my day yesterday. I wasn't exactly greeted with the most sympathetic of secretaries (ie wardens) either. They just looked at me with the disgust that could only be taught in the snottiest of New York prep schools. Why they decided to torture us poor simple folks in Florida, I'll never know. I'm sure they had a good laugh at my expense.



mommyballs said...

We are living the exact same life. I took Sam in to school late on Friday looking and feeling exactly as you described in your blog!!! You won't believe this, but I am due 2 days before you!!! We are praying that this is finally the baby/pregnancy that we get to keep! The funny thing is that I had been on the waiting list with the fertility clinic at the base for 5 months. I finally saw the doctor and he gave me clomid. So, I waited for my cycle to start to take the medicine and it never did because I was already pregnant!!! I was so excited for you when I checked your blog and found out that you were also!!! MIRACLE!!!!! I miss you and hope all is well in florida!!!

Love, Erinn

Amy said...

I'm so happy for you! How cool is it that we are having babies at the same time?!

I miss you guys too!


The King Family said...

Even without school age kids, I can relate. Especially in the ward I'm living in right now--and you never know who might stop by to drop off something for my mom or dad. I hate feeling like I have to dress nice just to be at home all day! And to get up early enough to shower for me requires waking at about 5 am (which is usually when I get the baby back to sleep after her early morning feeding!)

Kristy said...

I haven't checked in, and bam you're prego?!? Congrats... When does the baby come out???


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