Thursday, January 10, 2008

Death of a Laptop

Yep. I dropped my precious laptop. It worked for 2 more days and then the hard drive took a dive and I got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. It may be a while before it's up and running again so I have to use my hubby's computer. He's none too happy about that. He's afraid I will download something with a virus and make his 'puter sick.

Nevermind all the files I lost. Nor the irreplaceable photos of our family. Nevermind that I will have to recreate all the files for Primary and assorted projects. I am a total idiot for not doing a backup of my laptop. I should know better. I've had a laptop stolen - thankfully I had recent backups of 98% of what was on it - minus the programs.

So I am telling all of you reading this now - BACK UP YOUR FILES TO A DVD OR EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE! DO IT TODAY!

So until I have a new hard drive installed and programs running on my laptop, I am in mourning for my addiction to the laptop and all my groups and email and blog stalking and easy answers to life's immediate questions.



D. Tait said...

we feel your pain - we had three laptops die in 2007. We now have a pocket drive to back up things!
Bless your heart....

Dorothy said...

I like the little list of facts up top.
That really stinks about your laptop.

Becky said...

Get a Macbook Air! ;-)


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