Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Catching up...

Christmas was super fun this year with Hayden. He really got into the ripping of the paper and enjoyed all the wonderful toys that family and friends sent. Amanda and Hayden were both very much spoiled this year - we'll be toning things down next year for sure! Amanda even commented that she thought she got way too much - that's what happens when your birthday is only days before Christmas!

I do believe this has been the most physically taxing move we have ever made...and we only moved approximately 2 miles down the road! I'd go into all the details of the move, but they'd be quite boring and recapping it all would be almost as painful as the actual event. But as of today EVERYTHING is moved into the new 3 story townhouse and we are beginning to settle in.

Hayden is sleeping in the bottom bunk - sort of. He still wakes a couple times per night needing a little comfort, but then he's right back to sleep in his bed. Amanda doesn't seem at all phased by the noisy nighttime habits of her brother. She is on the top bunk and sleeping like a rock, as always. So it seems that the new sleeping arrangement will work out just fine.

3. New Years Eve was spent with family down in Melbourne. We all had a blast with funny hats and noisemakers!

I'll add pictures later when the other computer is up and running...

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Kristy said...

So glad you are in your place! Don't you love it when the older siblings sleep through the noise?!?


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