Monday, December 10, 2007

Say whaa ??

I received a note from the principal at Amanda's school today. It seems that Amanda's teacher resigned effective last Friday.

Poor Amanda... she still to this day tells me how she wishes we still lived in Arizona because she misses her Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Easton. I'm afraid all Amanda's teachers will be measured next to Mrs. Easton and none will ever really compare. She was beginning to "bond" with her new teacher but now she has a substitute whom she absolutely loathes. I've never known Amanda to be so unhappy with another adult as she is with this substitute teacher....except me - she's been pretty irritated with me.

So now she'll get a new teacher (hopefully?) and finish out the school year. Next year she will be going to yet ANOTHER school because we are moving into another district. If she (we) survive all this change, we'll be super heroes!

Life just gets more interesting every day...

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