Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas At Our House

As many of you know we recently moved to Florida from Arizona, so you would think the lack of "Winter Wonderland" weather during the holidays would be normal for us by now. But for me, it's not.

As I watch the weather reports for the north eastern states I can't help but be a little bit jealous of those who get snow and that deafening silence late at night after a snowfall. Not so jealous of the lack of power, but I actually miss driving in the snow, oh so carefully. I miss shoveling snow - but only a little bit. I'm a Marylander by birth and experienced several snowy Christmastimes that were warmed by a fire in the basement of our home. It really was sweet.

So now that we are in Florida, preparing for yet another move (see previous posts here and here and here for why we are moving AGAIN...) we are also preparing to celebrate Christmas and Amanda's birthday. Amanda's birthday party is this Saturday - Beach Theme... yes, only in Florida and perhaps even Arizona and California can you get away with this just days before Christmas.

So for those who are interested, here's a little peek into our home at this crazy time of year.

This would be our Christmas tree - notice the lack of ornaments at the bottom? This is the tell-tale sign that our little WMD is busy at work. All of the ornaments are inching their way up the tree, screaming in terror at the sight of Hayden.

This is an ornament we learned to make in Enrichment!

This is an ornament we taught the YW to make. It's super easy!

Our Nativity...

Our Advent House thingy...

and our Stockings hung on the entertainment center with care...

Next years decor will be fan-tabulous in our new home. I have GRAND ideas! Grand, I say!


Erin & Matt said...

Amy! THANKS for the invite to view your blog! We have one too, it was nice to hear from you, Happy Holidays and good luck with the new move. You guys deserve a break!

D. Tait said...

Love it, Amy! Thanks - wish we could see it in person. NO worries - there is no WHITE in Maryland for Christmas this year... sigh.


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