Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cruise! - The Good Stuff!

Let me start out by saying that I never could have gone on this cruise with my hubby if it wasn't for our very generous friends the C's, the other C's and the B's. This certainly wasn't something we ever dreamed we could do together at this time in our lives but it was much needed, much appreciated, and we feel so blessed! We really can't thank you enough!

The cruise was actually an employee appreciation excursion that was arranged through my hubbies work. It was essentially paid for by his work. I don't know about other wives out there, but the idea of my hubby going on a cruise without me stirred up some jealous anxiety and without going into a lot of details, let just say there was NO WAY he was going without me. Thank goodness a few of my friends agreed with me and helped me make it happen. If not for these friends we would have had no babysitters and no way of paying for my ticket... because honestly, we had no business going on a cruise in this economy.

So I'll start with the pretty pictures... 

Welcome to Nassau in the Bahamas!
The water was so beautiful and the weather was great!

We were both anticipating lots of fun towel art in our cabin but this was the only one we got. Any guesses as to what this is depicting?
It later occurred to use that we might have gotten more towel art if we hadn't left the Do Not Disturb sign up so much! lol!


This was the view of as we returned to Port Canaveral on Monday. It was kind of sad for it all to be over so soon, but I was anxious to know how the kids were doing since we didn't have cell service the whole time we were gone. 

I'll post more pictures soon... 

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