Monday, October 17, 2011

12 of 12 - Because I like to do things out of order... and late


1. The family of 5 laundry pile up (approx. 8:20am)
2. Sammy with her favorite blanket trudging out to the van to take Hayden to Pre-K
3. Time to pick up Hayden! (I had already picked up Hayden at this point, but the snooze feature on my ever-so-smart-phone likes to assume that I didn't get the message)
4. Sammy being silly in the car
5. Hayden being silly in the car
6. The family of 5 laundry pile up (approx. 1pm) making a little progress!
7. A hand delivered invite to a birthday party! How fun! Sammy is so excited!
8. Amanda doing her homework.
9. It's what's for dinner.
10. Hayden really gets into his spaghetti!
11. Scout night for daddy. Otherwise known as the "eat and run night".
12. Amanda pointed out this beautiful sunset to me when I was about to lose my temper with the littles. Thank goodness for Amanda. Thank goodness for sunsets. We are all happier for them!

I'm linked up again with Amy's blog. You can check out tons more 12 of 12 posts in her link ups.


Sara Lyn said...

That was a GORGEOUS sunset. We really get some great ones around here! (I enjoyed last night's a lot, too.) :)

Megan said...

Great sunset!


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