Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12 of 12 Challenge - April


1. Grateful to have lights in my bathroom again! Just part of our slow and steady bathroom renovation.
2. The 3 basket laundry pile up... not to worry, there's one more out in the hall.
3. Gasp! Our bed is made! Amazing!
4. My business cards arrived today, just in time for my wedding shoot this weekend! Yay!
5. Amanda has egg frying skillz - we named this one Ying and Yang Yokes
6.Amanda is my biggest helper. She is buckling Sammy into her seat - we're on our way to the playground and then to pick up daddy at work!
7. playground condemned....grrr.
8. Stopped at Sam's Club to pick up food for the Boy Scout Training thing my hubby is Grub Master for... Sammy was soooo tired!
9. Found this cute suit at Sams! Didn't buy it though.
10. Hayden gets a few more minutes of playtime in before bedtime.
11. Amanda noticed this dew/rain drop on a leaf of  the tree out front. Click - ugghhh. totally blurry. :(
12. Poor Sammy Sue got really sick after her exciting trip to Sam's Club. Greasy pizza and super-sized Fanta orange soda probably didn't help. She was up all night barfing, so I kicked Hayden out of his bed so I could stay near her all night.

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Lee Currie said...

Wow, that day really kept you going! Thanks for the peek :)

Kimberlee said...

Ohh, I know all about slow and steady renovation. Our bathroom renovation was a 6-7 month project. Hope yours comes along nicely. And quickly.


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