Thursday, August 5, 2010

The uh-oh moment

So later on that afternoon, after naps and some Disney movie time
I went to give Hayden a hug and heard a little jingle.

Hmmm... what could that be?

I don't have any change that he could have found... hmm...

So I ask him, "Hey Hayden, what's that you got in your pocket?"

Then this look, this unmistakable look of guilt washed over his face
and I knew.

I reached into his pocket and found 6 shiny


Guess who was going BACK to Home Depot with his momma.

When we got there, I discretely asked to talk to
the largest most intimidating employee in their store.

They gave me the largest teddy bear of a man, lol.
But he did what I was hoping for and I think Hayden got it.

Hayden handed him the washers and told him that he took them.
The man said, "ohhh. that's not good. You won't do that again will you?"
Hayden said no and that he was sorry.
Then in his quietest voice with his big brown saucer eyes he said,
"Will you porgit (forgive) me?"
(or was it forget me... hmm, good question)

Hayden is NOT a shy boy. But he was timid and shy
and well, I think the word is contrite?


teaching moments in public places - gotta love 'em.


Karen said...

Forget a college fund for the boy and just start saving for bail money. There's one in every family (mine is Abby).

liz said...

that's adorable. I will have to remember that plan when pockets come home full from the store.


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