Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gove Family Christmas Card!

This is it!
We are officially GREENish!
(formerly known as too-poor-to-send-out-100-real-cards-to-everyone-we'd-like-to)

and if this were a real card the inside would say this:

12 events of the Gove family, 2009 edition

1. Amanda was baptized.
2. We bought a house in Florida.
3. Amy photographed her best friends wedding.
4. Samantha celebrated her 1st birthday!
5. Hayden learned to use the potty... sort of.
6. Samantha learned to walk.
7. Both of Amy's sisters came to visit and sweated it out!
8. Visited Kennedy Space Center and Universal Studios.
9. Went to the beach more often, but not often enough!
10. Michael got promoted!
11. Hayden celebrated his 3rd birthday at Disney World!
12. Amanda celebrated her 9th birthday!

and it would also say:

Merry Christmas!
May you find Joy and Happiness this Season...
and throughout the year!


Jessica said...

Very Nice. You are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great year!!!


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