Saturday, July 4, 2009

Samantha @ 9 months - couldn't get more sweet!


Samantha loves to play in the water, can pull herself up to standing holding onto the sofa and says "uh-oh" ever so carefully. She is beloved by many, especially her brother and sister. She is soft and chunky and very sweet. Dang, she just makes our hearts melt!

It's been a sweet 9 months... really.


mommyballs said...

So sweet Amy!! Wish you were around to take Emma's picture every month. You do such a beautiful job. We do need to live closer at some point, though, so Samantha and Emma can be best friends. They are only a month apart!!! Love you!

Karen said...


Ron said...

Samantha expresses herself with her mouth and lips so cute. She's a beautiful grand daughter. Hope you can make way to visit us in Colorado soon.

Dad (Grandpa)


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