Monday, July 27, 2009

rawlee needs a brand new design

I've been toying with de-ghetto-ing my blog and making it look all nice and fan-schmansie.
Here are my main issues with "change"...

I'm stinkin' scared of losing all my past blogs, contacts, etc.
I don't want it to be busy or ugly.
I don't want to use a template that restricts me from starting to advertise.
I so lazy.

So... how would you makeover my blog?


Deon said...

I like the way it looks now, but i liked it before. Are you changing the purpose of it? Maybe you need a family blog and then start a new one for your photography stuff??

Amy said...

you make a good point...though when would I have time to play on FB if I started a 2nd blog?

Deon said...

Umm.... yea good point. I need to "de-ghetto" mine as well. too busy.

Carlee said...

I like the new look, simple and refreshing!!!


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