Sunday, November 2, 2008

Voting - Disney Style

I'm anxious to vote this election, but mostly because after seeing the long lines at the library and city hall every day, I wonder how it will be possible for me to vote with three kids in tow. I'd get a babysitter but one of the Gove kidlings loves to nurse ever hour and a half and from the looks of it, I'd be lucky to make it through the line in 2 hours minimum.

You know, if Disney was in charge of voting in Florida moms wouldn't have these problems. They'd have FastPass set up and some sort of handicapped back entrance for mom's with overflowing strollers to get to the head of the line. OH YES! And entertainment for those unfortunate souls who have to wait in line. TV screens every 10 feet with cartoon characters of the candidates battling it out Tom and Jerry style.

I bet Disney would have had it all thought out and completely avoided that whole embarrassing "chad" thing too.

Just Imagine...

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Becky said...

In Oregon, you can only vote by mail, or dropping it in a ballot box. I voted yesterday, and although it was convenient... I was hoping it would have been more exciting. Like waiting in a line with a bunch of others.


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