Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best of Buds

Carlee and I are the best of friends. It all started when she came to visit me as my visiting teacher through our church. At Christmas last year she made these really yummy garland-like rice krispy treats. It was super impressive. I don't think I have ever attempted to make anything special like that for Christmas treats. I guess I've always felt too "busy" and have always just done sugar cookies or brownies.

What's interesting is how our families have come to match up so nicely.

Michael and Paul get along great. And they have the "silly bone" in common.

First Paul:

Now Michael:

My Amanda and her Kirsten are great friends - even though Amanda is a 2nd grader and Kirsten is a 5th grader. They write elaborate stories together and act them out. They both like doing crafty stuff and boy can they both sing. I'll post them singing later...

Hayden and Kyler have this special connection. We don't really know why it is, but from the first time our families all hung out together Kyler paid special attention to Hayden... and Hayden's face just lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees Kyler. Not too long ago Kyler was riding in the backseat with Hayden and I caught this on tape:

We sure are glad we know the Pursells... they're super cool!


Alissa said...

eh, they're okay...


Anonymous said...

Nice comment Alissa, we love you too! We are very glad that our families met, it's always nice when everyone gets along so well. We love you guys!


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