Monday, June 2, 2008

Field Day

Field Day in Florida... well it's not exactly what I grew up with. When I was in elementary school in Maryland, Field Day was a big 'ole carnival. There were booths set up with cupcake fund raisers and carnival games. Balloons were released, awards were given to individuals and kids actually gave it their all to try and win a prize.

Oh - and FAMILIES were encouraged and welcomed to attend and cheer their kids on.

My Field Day Experience in Seminole County Schools...

Michael got off work early to attend Field Day. We met at home and drove to school with some anticipation of fun and family bonding with Amanda. We were kind of bummed to see that the familiar festivities of our youth were absent - the field was quite empty, but we proceeded to the main office to get our visitor badges... only to find out that we were not welcome to field day because we had *gasp!* brought our son, Amanda's brother, to help cheer her on. Apparently buried deep in the enormous rules and regulations handbook we received at the beginning of the year it states that siblings are not welcome on campus during the day. It seems he is considered a liability. W h a t e v e r !!!!!! I said a few choice words, cried a little (I'm pregnant - I can do that at any moment...) and told them what I thought of their rules and asked my husband, in front of the vice-principal, to "please get me out of this messed up state of Florida".

We left the office and decided that someone should go cheer the girl on, so it was decided that Michael should go since he'd gotten off work early and all and doesn't get much time with Amanda anyway.

Then I had a bright and rebellious idea. I found a parking space the was right across from one half of the field that was being used for field day... and I tailgated! Hayden sat in his stroller facing the field, I sat in the back of the van (we'd taken the back seat out weeks before).

Hayden and I sipped Capri Suns and ate animal crackers and pretty much told the administration where they could go with their stupid rules.

A promise is a promise. I told Amanda we would all be there - and we were! I even got a few shots of her!

Amanda's class won field day for the first grade, and it's the first time their class ever won anything! Michael says she was the first place winner for all of first grade! WOW! I think it had a little bit to do with her dad cheering her on. Her class got a Pizza Party and Amanda is now the fastest girl in 1st grade. Wait that came out wrong.


Alissa said...

yes. i hate the stupid rules! that's the exact reason that I can't ever eat lunch with abbie at school, etc. but not all the elementary schools here in FL are like this... my friend's school lets her take her kids on campus... mine aren't allowed AT ALL.

Deon said...

Ah, always the wonderful rebel I love and cherish. Ha ha...Not to burst your bubble, Am', but Maryland is about the most non-family friendly place on earth in my opinion. Even when my kids were little, siblings could not be around for liability reasons. So, hang on to those sweet memories! Congrats to Amanda for being fast and being a Guitar Hero!!

Wendy said... should move to Colorado Springs. :-)
I never had any problems bringing the boys to the school before they were students.

Love ya!

Marco Polo said...

Do they still have winter in Colorado Springs? Once they ban it I'm up for moving. :)

Wendy said...

Too Funny.
No and it was 52 degrees June...
That is crazy.


Karen said...

Ain't no Faith North there, huh? You know we'd always take you and all your little siblings here in Arizona!


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