Monday, April 7, 2008

Surviving Spring Break

We (I) survived Spring Break! It was unusually long thanks to an early visit from Michael's brothers' family. They have Spring Break a full 2 weeks before we do. Which almost made our Spring Break the longest in history. You see, we (Michael) got a little mixed up about the dates for our S.B. and I totally bought into it because quite frankly, it made sense, but anywho... Amanda got an extra day off from school as a result and if it hadn't been for my good friend Carlee, she would have had two weeks off from school!

Whilst the family was here we went to Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. It was a blast! Even with me prego. I had fun with the kids at the Dr. Suess land and really didn't feel as cheated as I thought I would by the ride restrictions elsewhere. We had a full day of fun and I got to know my niece and nephew a little better. My favorite thing about Universal is that Amanda didn't really know and love many of the characters and didn't feel that overwhelming need to beg for merchandise like she does at Disney. No princesses, no Mickey = No Whining! Yippee!

The camera was left at home, but Michael got some pics from his brother... just waiting on my hubby to send them on over to me to post.

Amanda is back at school today and it's a little weird... I miss her!

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