Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 of 12 July!

Another less-eventful day in the Gove home


1. Goodmorning Amanda! 2-3. Samantha is potty-training (nearly there! She only wears a diaper at night). Though this has led to lots of running around in just her underwear declaring that she is "Potteee-Twained" whilst doing a hula hoop like dance with her hand on her hips. It's priceless... and a little disturbing, hee-hee! 4. Hayden, ever the nudist... he sees no reason to wear clothes unless we are "going somewhere". sigh. 5. Making homemade blueberry waffles 6. Just about to eat them! 7-8. Making 2 kinds of fries... daddy likes the thin ones 9. Hayden redecorating the backyard 10. It's a jungle out there! 11-12. Hayden showing daddy all his hard work on the "treehouse".


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