Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's been forever...

since I've posted anything.
I've got a bucket load of excuses and an equally-sized bucket load of stuff to share, report on, etc. Unfortunately I don't have a bucket load of time so
watch out.
I'm pretty much gonna barf it all out on you now.

Stuff that has happened:

Hayden took Baby Samantha into his closet
and chopped off her beautiful curly mullet,
as well as a chunk o' sweet blondeness off the top of her head.
I totally cried my eyes out.
And then in a split second, tossed Hayden into a chair
and buzzed his head in retaliation.
Cause that's how I spell fair.

We had family in town for a week
and Samantha's cousin Jonathan started calling Samantha
Sammie - Sue
Now Samantha calls herself Sammie-Sue all the time.
She says, "I'm Sammie-Sue!" in the sweetest little voice
you could ever imagine. It makes me smile.

Amanda has been practicing piano on and off
but now seems to be making some real progress.
She's tried to quit all together 2 times now,
but I hope her teacher and I can keep encouraging her
enough to keep on working on it. I think she
has a wonderful talent for music.

Hayden was invited by our next door neighbor to go
see the play, Little Red Riding Hood and had
a wonderful time. His favorite character was of course
The Wolf.

That's all for now!

1 comment:

Sara Lyn said...

Sammie-Sue? That's so cute! Hope Amanda keeps it up. Her piano teacher gets so excited when she practices! :)


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