Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preview of our new house!

I sort of took these pictures in a rush 'cause the
current owner of the house was still moving out.
But here is a preview of the house we are closing on tomorrow. Soon it will be "ours" and we can call it "home"!!!

This would be the front door.

our dated kitchen.
but we can deal with it for a while.
the appliances are fairly new.

our lovely backyard.
complete with a requisite pink flamingo.
(by law, EVERY Florida home must have one.)
we've been breakin' the law for a while.

the pool!

the Florida room.
this will be the playroom!

playroom again.

Hayden's room.

Amanda and Samantha's room.

the garage.
check out the antique yard tools.
they sort of freak me out.

The master bedroom and bath pictures didn't turn out right and I forgot to take pictures of the living room and dining room... and the office - but once we move in I'll post more pictures.
So there you have it!


Karen said...

Is a Florida room kinda like an Arizona room only more east?

Moghimi Family said...

YEA! We can hardly wait to help you move in! How exciting. We are so happy for you guys. You deserve all the best!!!!!

Amy said...

Karen - you crack me up. Yes, yes, that's EXACTLY what it is!

JoAnn - awww... thanks. We are eager to get in there and get settled too!

JIll said...

I love the picts of the new home! I'm excited for you and your family, I know when you close it will be a load off your mind!


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