Monday, August 11, 2008

Where have I been?

I feel like I spilled my guts and revealed all my secrets in my last post - and then I let you all spill some more! I'm drained! I'm all out of material! There's nothin' more to say about Amy!

So I've been reading all my friend's blogs. And blogs of people I don't know. And blogs found on friend lists of bloggers I don't know. Futile-like contesting entering as well.

My buddy Carlee and I took pictures of our manicured toes. YES, I finally used my gift certificate from Mother's Day and got my toes and fingers 'cured. They both looked so purty for like, 3 days and then motherhood destroyed my manicure - you know - dishes, laundry, taking out the garbage, changing channels on the remote. But my toes still look decent. If I ever get another day to get pampered, I'll go for the clear coat though - french manicures are for women who sit around all day being waited on. Carlee also convinced me to get my eyebrows waxed, something I have NEVER done. I like how it turned out but - HELLO? - My brow area was burning hot red and I had to walk through the mall like that. Imagine. Dorky, pregnant me in flip flops, flopping through the mall with a big 'ole rash on my browline. And YES it hurt. I was a big baby and Carlee had to get me an ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry's to stop the crying and save herself from further embarrassment by the big 'old dorky pregnant rash-faced baby. Thank you Carlee!

This experience has brought me to the conclusion that all those skinny girls in their thongs at the beach are self-mutilating, pain-loving, crazy's. Who PAYS someone to put hot wax anywhere near their privies and then RIP their hairy's off? HELLO? Pain? That whole Brazilian thing just makes me shudder. I'm sooo grateful to be at the age where a bathing suit skirt or board shorts are perfectly acceptable, if not mandatory.

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